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MediaElement Class
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms
Represents an object that renders audio and video to the display.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  InTheHand.Forms
Assembly:  InTheHand.Forms (in InTheHand.Forms.dll) Version: (1.0.2017.0306)
public sealed class MediaElement : View

The MediaElement type exposes the following members.

Public methodMediaElement
Initializes a new instance of the MediaElement class
Public propertyAnchorX (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyAnchorY (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyAreTransportControlsEnabled
Gets or sets a value that determines whether the standard transport controls are enabled.
Public propertyAutomationId (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyAutoPlay
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether media will begin playback automatically when the Source property is set.
Public propertyBackgroundColor (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyBehaviors (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyBindingContext (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public propertyBounds (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyBufferingProgress
Gets a value that indicates the current buffering progress.
Public propertyClassId (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyCurrentState
Gets the status of this MediaElement.
Public propertyEffects (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyGestureRecognizers (Inherited from View.)
Public propertyHeight (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyHeightRequest (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyHorizontalOptions (Inherited from View.)
Public propertyId (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyInputTransparent (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyIsEnabled (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyIsFocused (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyIsLooping
Gets or sets a value that describes whether the media source currently loaded in the media engine should automatically set the position to the media start after reaching its end.
Public propertyIsVisible (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyMargin (Inherited from View.)
Public propertyMinimumHeightRequest (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyMinimumWidthRequest (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyNavigation (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyOpacity (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyParentView Obsolete. (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyPosition
Gets or sets the current position of progress through the media's playback time.
Public propertyResources (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyRotation (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyRotationX (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyRotationY (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyScale (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertySource
Gets or sets a media source on the MediaElement.
Public propertyStyle (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyStyleClass (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyStyleId (Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyTranslationX (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyTranslationY (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyTriggers (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyVerticalOptions (Inherited from View.)
Public propertyWidth (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyWidthRequest (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyX (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public propertyY (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodBatchBegin (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodBatchCommit (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodClearValue(BindableProperty) (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodClearValue(BindablePropertyKey) (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFocus (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetSizeRequest Obsolete. (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetValue (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodLayout (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodMeasure (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public methodPause
Pauses media at the current position.
Public methodPlay
Plays media from the current position.
Public methodRemoveBinding (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodRemoveDynamicResource (Inherited from Element.)
Public methodSetBinding (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodSetDynamicResource (Inherited from Element.)
Public methodSetValue(BindableProperty, Object) (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodSetValue(BindablePropertyKey, Object) (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public methodStop
Stops and resets media to be played from the beginning.
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodUnfocus (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public eventBindingContextChanged (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public eventChildAdded (Inherited from Element.)
Public eventChildRemoved (Inherited from Element.)
Public eventChildrenReordered (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public eventCurrentStateChanged
Occurs when the value of the CurrentState property changes.
Public eventDescendantAdded (Inherited from Element.)
Public eventDescendantRemoved (Inherited from Element.)
Public eventFocused (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public eventMeasureInvalidated (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public eventMediaEnded
Occurs when the MediaElement finishes playing audio or video.
Public eventMediaOpened
Occurs when the media stream has been validated and opened, and the file headers have been read.
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public eventPropertyChanging (Inherited from BindableObject.)
Public eventSeekCompleted
Occurs when the seek point of a requested seek operation is ready for playback.
Public eventSizeChanged (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public eventUnfocused (Inherited from VisualElement.)
Public fieldStatic memberAreTransportControlsEnabledProperty
Identifies the AreTransportControlsEnabled dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberAutoPlayProperty
Identifies the AutoPlay dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberCurrentStateProperty
Identifies the CurrentState dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberIsLoopingProperty
Identifies the IsLooping dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberPositionProperty
Identifies the Position dependency property.
Public fieldStatic memberSourceProperty
Identifies the Source dependency property.
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