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InTheHand.UI.Notifications Namespace
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms
Contains classes that encapsulate toast and badge notifications.
Public classBadgeNotification
Defines the content, associated metadata, and expiration time of an update to a tile's badge overlay. A badge can display a number from 1 to 999 (beyond this truncation will occur)
Public classBadgeNotificationCreator
Simplifies creation of badges without the need to build XML documents.
Public classBadgeUpdateManager
Creates BadgeUpdater objects that you use to manipulate a tile's badge overlay.
Public classBadgeUpdater
Updates a badge overlay on the specific tile that the updater is bound to.
Public classScheduledToastNotification
Contains the definition of the toast notification that will display at the scheduled time.
Public classToastNotification
Defines the content, associated metadata and events, and expiration time of a toast notification.
Public classToastNotificationCreator
Simplifies creation of toasts without the need to build XML documents.
Public classToastNotificationManager
Creates ToastNotifier objects which let you display toast notifications.
Public classToastNotifier
Raises a toast notification to the specific app to which the ToastNotifier is bound. This class also lets you schedule and remove toast notifications.