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InTheHand.Net.Sockets Namespace
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms

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Public classAddressFamily32
Specifies additional addressing schemes that an instance of the Socket class can use.
Public classBluetoothClient
Provides client connections for Bluetooth RFCOMM network services.
Public classBluetoothDeviceInfo
Provides information about an available device obtained by the client during device discovery.
Public classBluetoothListener
Listens for connections from Bluetooth RFCOMM network clients.
Public classBluetoothProtocolType
Specifies additional protocols that the Socket class supports.
Public classBluetoothSocketOptionLevel
Defines additional Bluetooth socket option levels for the SetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel, SocketOptionName, Int32) and GetSocketOption(SocketOptionLevel, SocketOptionName) methods.
Public classBluetoothSocketOptionName
Defines Socket configuration option names for the Socket class.
Public classIrDACharacterSet
Describes the character sets supported by the device.
Public classCode exampleIrDAClient
Makes connections to services on peer IrDA devices.
Public classIrDADeviceInfo
Provides information about remote devices connected by infrared communications.
Public classIrDAHints
Describes an enumeration of possible device types, such as Fax.
Public classIrDAListener
Places a socket in a listening state to monitor infrared connections from a specified service or network address.
Public classIrDASocketOptionLevel
Public classCode exampleIrDASocketOptionName
Socket option constants to set IrDA specific connection modes, and get/set IrDA specific features.
Public classL2CapClient
Provides client connections to a remote Bluetooth L2CAP service.
Public classL2CapListener
Listens for connections from L2CAP Bluetooth network clients.