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InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth Namespace
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms

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Public classAttributeIdLookup
Retrieves the name of the SDP Attribute ID with the given value in the specified Attribute ID class sets. Implementing Enum-like behaviour.
Public classBluetoothAuthenticationMethod
The BluetoothAuthenticationMethod enumeration defines the supported authentication types during device pairing.
Public classBluetoothAuthenticationRequirements
The AUTHENTICATION_REQUIREMENTS enumeration specifies the 'Man in the Middle' protection required for authentication.
Public classCode exampleBluetoothComponent
Provides simple access to asynchronous methods on Bluetooth features, for instance to background device discovery.
Public classBluetoothDeviceInfoProperties
Specifies properties of a remote Bluetooth Device.
Public classBluetoothIoCapability
The BLUETOOTH_IO_CAPABILITY enumeration defines the input/output capabilities of a Bluetooth Device.
Public classBluetoothProtocolDescriptorType
Configures what type of element will be added by the ServiceRecordBuilder for the ProtocolDescriptorList attribute.
Public classBluetoothPublicFactory
Provides the means to create Bluetooth classes on the one selected Bluetooth stack where multiple are loaded in the same process.
Public classBluetoothRadio
Represents a Bluetooth Radio device.
Public classBluetoothSecurity
Handles security between bluetooth devices.
Public classBluetoothService
Standard Bluetooth Profile identifiers.
Public classCode exampleBluetoothWin32Authentication
Provides Bluetooth authentication services on desktop Windows.
Public classBluetoothWin32AuthenticationEventArgs
Provides data for an authentication event.
Public classBluetoothWin32Events
Provides access to the Bluetooth events from the Microsoft stack on desktop Windows.
Public classBluetoothWin32RadioEventArgs
The base class for classes containing Radio In- and Out-of-Range events.
Public classBluetoothWin32RadioInRangeEventArgs
The data for Radio Out-of-Range event.
Public classBluetoothWin32RadioOutOfRangeEventArgs
The data for Radio Out-of-Range event.
Public classClassOfDevice
Describes the device and service capabilities of a device.
Public classDeviceClass
Class of Device flags as assigned in the Bluetooth specifications.
Public classDiscoverDevicesEventArgs
Provides data for the DiscoverDevicesComplete event.
Public classElementType
Represents the types that an SDP element can hold.
Public classElementTypeDescriptor
Represents the type of the element in the SDP record binary format, and is stored as the higher 5 bits of the header byte.
Public classHardwareStatus
Specifies the current status of the Bluetooth hardware.
Public classHciVersion
HCI_Version — Assigned Numbers — Host Controller Interface
Public classLanguageBaseItem
Represents a member of the SDP LanguageBaseAttributeIdList, Attribute which provides for multi-language strings in a record.
Public classLinkPolicy
Flags to describe Link Policy.
Public classLmpExtendedFeatures
Entered from v4.0 spec. Volume 2, Part C 'LMP', Section 3.4.
Public classLmpFeatures
Created from v2.1 specification.
Public classLmpVersion
LMP VerNr — Assigned Numbers — Link Manager Protocol
Public classManufacturer
Manufacturer codes.
Public classMapServiceClassToAttributeIdList
Gets a list of enum-like classes containing SDP Service Attribute Id definitions for a particular Service Class.
Public classRadioMode
Determine all the possible modes of operation of the Bluetooth radio.
Public classRadioModes
Determine the status of the radio, whether the radio is individually powered-up/down, connectable, and/or discoverable.
Public classRadioVersions
Stores the LMP etc versions.
Public classServiceAttribute
Holds an attribute from an SDP service record.
Public classServiceAttributeId
A Service Attribute Id identifies each attribute within an SDP service record.
Public classServiceClass
Class of Service flags as assigned in the Bluetooth specifications.
Public classServiceElement
Holds an SDP data element.
Public classCode exampleServiceRecord
Holds an SDP service record.
Public classCode exampleServiceRecordBuilder
Provides a simple way to build a ServiceRecord, including ServiceClassIds and ServiceNames attributes etc.
Public classServiceRecordCreator
Creates a Service Record byte array from the given ServiceRecord object.
Public classServiceRecordHelper
Some useful methods for working with a SDP ServiceRecord including creating and accessing the ProtocolDescriptorList for an RFCOMM service.
Public classServiceRecordParser
Parses an array of bytes into the contained SDP ServiceRecord.
Public classServiceRecordUtilities
Utilities method working on SDP ServiceRecords, for instance to produce a 'dump' of the record's contents.
Public classSizeIndex
Represents the size of the SDP element in the record binary format, and is stored as the lower 3 bits of the header byte.
Public classStringWithLanguageBaseAttribute
Indicates that the field to which it is applied represents an SDP Attribute that can exist in multiple language instances and thus has a language base offset applied to its numerical ID when added to a record.