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InTheHand.Net Namespace
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:InTheHand.Net"]

Public classBluetoothAddress
Represents a Bluetooth device address.
Public classBluetoothEndPoint
Represents a network endpoint as a Bluetooth address and a Service Class Id and/or a port number.
Public classIrDAAddress
Represents an IrDA device address.
Public classIrDAEndPoint
Represents an end point for an infrared connection.
Public classObexListener
Provides a simple, programmatically controlled OBEX protocol listener.
Public classObexListenerContext
Provides access to the request and response objects used by the ObexListener class.
Public classObexListenerRequest
Describes an incoming OBEX request to an ObexListener object.
Public classObexMethod
Methods which can be carried out in an Object Exchange transaction.
Public classObexStatusCode
Specifies the status codes returned for an Object Exchange (OBEX) operation.
Public classObexTransport
Supported network transports for Object Exchange.
Public classCode exampleObexWebRequest
Provides an OBEX implementation of the WebRequest class.
Public classObexWebResponse
Provides an OBEX implementation of the WebResponse class.