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InTheHand.Devices.Geolocation Namespace
Combined library for Pontoon, 32feet and InTheHand.Forms
Provides APIs for getting the current location or tracking the device's location over time. Location information may come from estimating a position from beacons like Wi-Fi access points and cell towers, from the device's IP address, or it may come from other sources such as a GNSS or GPS device.
Public classBasicGeopositionExtensions
Provides extension methods for BasicGeoposition.
Public classGeocircle
Describes a geographic circle with a center point and a radius.
Public classGeocoordinate
Contains the information for identifying a geographic location.
Public classGeocoordinateExtensions
Provides extension methods for Geocoordinate.
Public classGeolocator
Provides access to the current geographic location.
Public classGeopoint
Describes a geographic point.
Public classGeoposition
Represents a location that may contain latitude and longitude data or venue data.
Public classPositionChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the PositionChanged event.
Public classStatusChangedEventArgs
Provides information for the StatusChanged event.
Public structureBasicGeoposition
The basic information to describe a geographic position.
Public interfaceIGeoshape
Interface to define a geographic shape.
Public enumerationGeoshapeType
Indicates the shape of a geographic region.
Public enumerationPositionAccuracy
Indicates the requested accuracy level for the location data that the application uses.
Public enumerationPositionSource
Indicates the source used to obtain a Geocoordinate.
Public enumerationPositionStatus
Indicates the ability of the Geolocator object to provide location data.